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Ever since, I started searching for quality article providers after Penguin update, Google began to show this company’s ad on everywhere I visited. This is a result of Google’s behavioral target, although I had it  disabled quite a long ago!’s price is more than inviting. They are super cheap. They have very nice visually impact website. Below is their service charge.

  • 200 words: $2
  • 300 words:$2.5
  • 500 words:$3.5
  • $5 for 800 words and $7 for 1000 words!

Exciting, right?

They boldly promise of professional writers, original well researched articles, natural keyword density, Google friendly LSI and unlimited revisions etc.

You need to create a free account before placing an order. From the dashboard, you can easily place and manage your orders. Personally I like this feature because I do not have to deal with sending private message on forums or through email.

Just to test and review their service I placed an order for 400 words simple article which needed few minutes of research. It took them 5 days to deliver. For the price, I did not expect anything brilliant, but hoping that the article would make sense, and I could use it with minimal edit. Below is the portion of the article.

Article Writing Etc Sample - Click on the image for larger view

The verdict:

  • The article is unique and readable but almost irrelevant to the topic I gave.
  • The author did not understand the topic and  struggled for words.
  • The article was neither written by a native speaker nor a professional writer
  • The writer does not even know how to use nouns and pronouns which is sad.
  • I do not know why it takes 6 days to deliver a low quality article
  • It looks like the service provider got it written by outsourcing to

Yes, it is still okay for submitting to cheap article directories or if your goal is to obtain a backlink by submitting unique and readable article.

Before closing

It is not wise to judge a service provider from a single article, but I’m afraid of trying them again. If you want to try, here is the link to the site – use at your own risk! In my opinion, most of the AWE’s clients are small marketers who do self SEO or cheap SEO/link building service providers who need consistent flow of fresh content. Hence TAT must be improved.


AWE’s owner Andrew contacted me on Skype and we had a long chat. He offered free unlimited revision. I did not accept revision as I felt it is unfair to ask revision for $3 article. Andrew is a nice guy with good business ethics; was willing accept and learn from mistakes and politely asked me to give him another chance. So, I have decided to try this service once again.

…will update this review again Review

I found this service provider on Warrior Forum couple of years ago. Apparently, they are selling it on various other marketing related forums, as well. They have been around for a long time and still live. Crap articles, abnormal delay in delivery were their unique selling points, then!

99 cents for an article? Ofcourse, it is not a scam. So what is it exactly?

It’s 99 cents per 100 words. As I stated above, I have used this company earlier and totally underwhelmed with their quality of service. All articles were unique and readable but totally irrelevant to the topic I gave! It looked like articles were “manufactured” using the scrape-rewrite formula as against “research-write

Back then, the process would be,

  • You place an order for 10 articles. You will be told that it would be delivered in 10-15 days
  • You wait for 15 days and another 5 days as a grace period.
  • Patience gone…Ask the status
  • You get a quick reply with an apology. Promise of delivery within next 5-7 days
  • After 10 days, you yell again.
  • Promise of delivery within 24-48 hours
  • Finally after 72 hours you get your unique articles
  • You read the articles and feel utterly stunned – not because the articles are super-duper; because it’s ridiculous!

I’m NOT lying folks. This is exactly what happened to me and many others!

The current status:

They have updated their website with much better visual representation than earlier. Now they are offering many more services beyond article writing (like web design, video creation, Facebook fan page, link building and even 1st page guaranteed ranking). I may give another chance to this service though normally I don’t give another opportunity to crap writers,  but it’s been a long time – so probably worth another try!

I just checked few samples on the site. None of them appears to be written by a native English writer (doesn’t matter to me anyways because I’m not), And it’s no longer 99 cents per 100 words.

If you have tried this company recently (at least in 2012), I would love to know your feedback. I’ll update this review if I try them again.


I’m officially Bitten by Penguin!

Hello Guys,

Sorry for the lack of update in the resent past.

Killer Penguin - pic stolen from!

Google’s latest update, Penguin destroyed most of my niche sites, which resulted 60% drop in my income. So I’m terribly busy with fixing sites, trying out new SEO strategy, building my own network etc. I’m lot more energetic, enthusiastic and just crazy these days! I love challenges in my life. I’m sure that I’ll conquer and destroy Pingu using my hardcore white hat and soft core black hat methods!

4 of my (authority) brand type niche sites have survived from the update. Just like everyone else, I also built exact anchor text back links to most of my EMD and keyword rich sites. Surprisingly this site survived although it is an exact match domain name. I have not built crazy links to this site but blasted few articles through ALN. For the time being, I have entirely stopped all 3rd class articles syndication.

I can write a large manual on recovering from Penguin update, and sell in on Warrior Forum. But plenty of marketers, SEOrs and link builders who sold their service earlier are now selling ebook on “how to recover from Penguin” Yes, yes… I bought plenty of them. As of now nobody can provide verifiable proof; everyone is guessing and shouting. Penguin update has created an opportunity for “fiction writers” that’s all.

The real secret of Penguin Recovery:

Kill your Penguin bitten site and start a new one.

  1. Block Google bot from accessing your site using robots.txt file and remove your site from G index. It can be easily done using Google’s WMT
  2. Get a new domain and add high quality content. At all cost avoid shitty sounding domain name like this website!
  3. Write useful content for readers.
  4. Announce your new site with premium quality Press Release
  5. Encourage user interaction. Comments, social share you know what I mean.
  6. Create 20-30 Web2.0 properties with unique and original content. If you are on a budget, you can turn 1 high quality article into 8-10 with little brainstorming. No spinning!
  7. Link to your web2 properties through article syndication. You’ll need around 15 average quality articles to linking to web2 pages.
  8. Create 15-20 company/brand/product/website profile on relevant social sites.
  9. Check your site claiming the SERp – you’ll begin to feel the G spot orgasm once again!

Why it works?

To understand that, you should first interpret why you got slapped.

  • You have been slapped primarily for {getting|gaining|building} crap links from trashy unrelated sites/pages.
  • Mostly you got links from sites without any authority. On top of that, you have built exact anchor text links to your keyword rich/exact match domain.
  • Nobody shared/bookmarked your content on social sites
  • Nobody sent/forwarded your content to their friends on Gmail, GPlus, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble etc!
  • You haven’t gotten any visitors outside of search engines. Why?
  • Your sites loads slowly due to poor configuration, excessive advertisement; so the bounce rate is too high.

According to Google we are all web spammers. (Someone who creates website for the sole purpose of making money either by advertising or promoting affiliate programs)

…back to why it works?

You can’t get links from the authority or relevant sites  which Google already trusts- because your site  is SPAM (as defined by Google). So what is the solution?

Create pages on sites  Google is having secret affairs with, and get it ranked on the top 10 pages for one of your relevant keyword (not necessarily primary keyword) Ultimately you’ll get links from contextually relevant sites.

This works folks – well, at least for me. It cost more time and money to implement this strategy, but let me assure you “it’s highly realistic”

With the {latest|hottest|greatest} update ever, Google went 1 step backward; so you need look forward

What worked in 2009-10 is working now – just a little twist!

Coming back to article writers

Yes, quality articles are now more important than ever. I have been spending huge bucks for creating content for me. I  found few great service providers, but had to deal with plenty of crap writers and professional article scammers!

Lots of reviews on my table – will show up on your screen quickly and regularly. Article Writing

SpinDistribute – eZineArticles Writing Service Overview

I stumbled this service on some forum. This is indeed article distribution service. But just like most of the article distribution services Spin Distribute also offers articles writing.

This service works on credit points based.  Upto 5 articles can be bought for 8 points each. But you can buy 100 points for $80. That’s 20% discount.

I created a account and bought 100 points by funding my account with $80. Placed an order for 5 articles. They promised these articles would be spin ready. So my actual cost for each 500 words article was $6.4 a piece. However,  it is not bad considering you get original and spin ready article.


Spin distribute user interface

Click on the image to see larger view

I got my articles after 3 days in a .zip file. So the turnaround was good and acceptable.  Each articles are around 550 words including spin-text.  If I generate different version of each article I would get around 5% uniqueness. So this cannot be called spin-ready articles at all!

I would expect at least 30% uniqueness.  And there is no title variation. So this spin ready stuff is somewhat disappointing.

Is it too hard to write 5 completely unique title for an article? I can write 10-30 unique keyword optimized titles for any articles within flat 5-10 minutes.

Articles quality:

  1. Articles aren’t solid but they read well. It can satisfy almost all human editors of article directories. Since these articles are meant for directory submission,  it cannot be used as web content. At least I wouldn’t use them on my sites.
  2. Articles are focused on “keyword” rather than “topic”. So there are unnecessary “keyword stuffing” . So you should call them “SEO articles” – probably their writers are trained to write so.
  3. Article’s content has been expanded  like chewing-gum just to meet the number of words requirement. I did instruct not to stuff keywords. But it was ignored. My other instruction for short sentences and paragraphs has been met.

Sample Article: Check the sample below. It’s supposed to be a spin ready!

Click on the image for larger view

Submission service:

They also offer hands free article distribution to 800 directories. Just spend 4 points for distributing unique versions. I’ll test this service exclusively on a brand new site for 30 days and will see how it’s going to work. It’s been a long since I stopped article marketing.

The verdict:

This service serves its primary purpose. IE, articles for directory submission. So in that context it is recommended. They need to improve their “spin-ready” stuff though.

Link (aff) Reviewed (GLA) – The Good and Bad

Green lIght ArticlesI recently found this service inside as a recommended article writing service. The website looks very nice. So I immediately created a account, placed an order for five 300 words articles. Since they also offer spun ready version, I placed order for 2 spun  version too.

Frustration and Annoyance begun!

I have been waiting, waiting and waiting. 5 days passed and could not find any status for my order. I almost felt that  this is another article writing scam! So raised ticket at support desk. But heard nothing for almost a day.

But the next day I received 3 emails mentioning that 3 articles are awaiting my approval. After few more hours, the remaining 2 articles arrived. I approved 4 articles and had to reject one, as there was many formatting and typo errors. The revised article came after few hours too.

Overall, 7 days spent for 5 articles. But am I happy with the service?

Yes, I am.

So far it’s one of the best article provider. The narration style and formatting looks like old school British (UK) type. I guess most of their writers are UK based and some Europeans too. But I’m not 100% sure. I have asked this question to them- but so far no answer!

Cost of Articles.

GLA’s  price table is slightly different from others. They charge per word, based on number of orders you place. Below is the chart.

  • 0-3 articles – $0.016 per word
  • 4-9 articles- $0.0155 per word
  • 10-999 – $0.015 per word

So for 5 articles of 300 words you pay $23.25 Plus  $1.2 payment processing fee. The maximum price I’m willing to pay for “original articles” is 2 cents per word ($10 for 500 words article). So this is well within my budget. They also accept AlertPay besides Paypal which is great for me.

Spun  Article:

They also offer 30 variation of the article with spintax. I don’t know how this is exactly going to work as my spin-ready article isn’t finished yet. Below is the quote I have taken directly from their site.

Our price for a package of 30 completely unique spins, along with the Spintax, is just 2.5 cents per word of your original article! For example, a 400 word article, spun into 30 new unique versions, will cost you just $10!

To put it another way: we’d turn your 400 word article into about 12000 words for just $10!


Check the sample article I have received. article sample. Decent quality original article

The verdict: offers pretty decent quality original articles for affordable price. But I’m still not sure about their turnaround time. Also not happy with their communication and order processing method. Right now they don’t have pre-funding option. However, this is a recommended service. But test them with a small orders.

Link :

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