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Why Article Writing Reviews?

There are 100’s article writing and marketing related service providers. But unfortunately, there is not even a single independent service reviewer. That’s the exact reason why I have created website. If you are an active content buyer like me, then you must have has lots of disappointing experiences with various service providers.

I own lots of money making websites and I need constant flow of fresh content for them. I also need tons of articles for article directories and submitting to  various blog networks. In the past myself and my wife wrote lots of web content for our site/s. But my wife is on maternity leave for the second time :) So I have started hunting for good and affordable writers.

This review website is a result of spending more than $1000 on various article writing services! I’ll be writing reviews first hand. Meaning, I use the service and then share my experience. These reviews are not written by some unknown “ghost writers.”

You’ll see lots of freelance writers almost on all marketing related forums. While there are few good writers, most of theme crap, resellers or scammers!

You’ll also see “100% unique content writers” who will throw content which make no sense at all! No grammar, no topical relevance. These garbage articles looks and smells like cow dung. Of course, these articles will pass Copyscape plagiarism check.

See, writing is a talent just like singing, painting and dancing. You cannot write awesome content just because you hold exceptional vocabulary and grammar skills. With basic English knowledge anyone can write anything on the web. But writing interesting, funny and sexy content requites lots of skill and patience. Only “passionate writer” can write lovely content.

I’m not a native English, as you might have already observed. Heck, English isn’t my second language either. Maybe it’s 3rd or 4th. Still I can write very decent quality money sucking (ahh!) web content.

I love writing, but don’t enjoy writng lots of content becasue writing is not my profession.

Who am I?

I’m a self-declared very successful “Internet Marketer”, Niche explorer/researcher and Search Engine Oops-timizer!

I’m not going to reveal my name or identity due to diverse niches I’m involved in. But I’ll promise you that I’m a real human being. I’m married, have a lovely wife and kids. I still work hard. Things like 4 hour work week doesn’t exist.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


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    1. I prefer article writing services where I can keep track of my order. It’s too painful to deal with email or sending private message on forums. But in the future I might consider your request after testing your service.

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