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Article Writing & Marketing Tools & Services Reviewed (GLA) – The Good and Bad

Green lIght ArticlesI recently found this service inside as a recommended article writing service. The website looks very nice. So I immediately created a account, placed an order for five 300 words articles. Since they also offer spun ready version, I placed order for 2 spun  version too.

Frustration and Annoyance begun!

I have been waiting, waiting and waiting. 5 days passed and could not find any status for my order. I almost felt that  this is another article writing scam! So raised ticket at support desk. But heard nothing for almost a day.

But the next day I received 3 emails mentioning that 3 articles are awaiting my approval. After few more hours, the remaining 2 articles arrived. I approved 4 articles and had to reject one, as there was many formatting and typo errors. The revised article came after few hours too.

Overall, 7 days spent for 5 articles. But am I happy with the service?

Yes, I am.

So far it’s one of the best article provider. The narration style and formatting looks like old school British (UK) type. I guess most of their writers are UK based and some Europeans too. But I’m not 100% sure. I have asked this question to them- but so far no answer!

Cost of Articles.

GLA’s  price table is slightly different from others. They charge per word, based on number of orders you place. Below is the chart.

  • 0-3 articles – $0.016 per word
  • 4-9 articles- $0.0155 per word
  • 10-999 – $0.015 per word

So for 5 articles of 300 words you pay $23.25 Plus  $1.2 payment processing fee. The maximum price I’m willing to pay for “original articles” is 2 cents per word ($10 for 500 words article). So this is well within my budget. They also accept AlertPay besides Paypal which is great for me.

Spun  Article:

They also offer 30 variation of the article with spintax. I don’t know how this is exactly going to work as my spin-ready article isn’t finished yet. Below is the quote I have taken directly from their site.

Our price for a package of 30 completely unique spins, along with the Spintax, is just 2.5 cents per word of your original article! For example, a 400 word article, spun into 30 new unique versions, will cost you just $10!

To put it another way: we’d turn your 400 word article into about 12000 words for just $10!


Check the sample article I have received. article sample. Decent quality original article

The verdict: offers pretty decent quality original articles for affordable price. But I’m still not sure about their turnaround time. Also not happy with their communication and order processing method. Right now they don’t have pre-funding option. However, this is a recommended service. But test them with a small orders.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the great article. I don’t run GLA, but helped build it and know that sometimes they have 2 hour turn around times!

    It just depends on the queue and writers online, so sometimes it is super fast, and sometimes it takes a couple of days – Very rare it takes 3-4 days, so there must have been a big queue when you ordered :)

    1. Hey Colin,

      Looks like you finally replied to my support request. 1-3 days for upto 5 articles is acceptable. One day TAT would be awesome for unique and original articles. My second spin-ready article also came late.

  2. I’ve been writing for Green Light for a while now and I enjoy it for the most part. The pay rate is one of the best out there for article writers and the writing subjects are usually very simple to write about. I haven’t been writing on there as much lately because they have a bad tendency to pay their writers whenever they want. There is no set date for payments to go out and its really frustrating because I can make a lot of money on there but I don’t know when I’ll be getting it. I don’t mean that I don’t receive my payment, I always have. It is just the fact that one week it will be on Wednesday, the next week on Friday, and the next time it could be two weeks before you get paid. And there’s not much support on the site for the writers. They’d have a much quicker turn around with getting the articles written if they had a well organized payment schedule set up for the writers because people just aren’t going to write and write and write and not know when they are going to get paid, no matter how good the rates are.

  3. Thank for review this site (GLA). Friendly speaking, I now need some unique article writers for my niche site.
    You do very great review.
    I finally decide to choose GLA better to choose fiverr service.
    again, thank you so much.

  4. Hi I just want to inform people about the worst site i have ever experienced. they are not scam, customer support is also good. but they are sucking writers due to the following reasons

    1– Their software always show less words than original.

    2- If you write an article with great hard work, but the client rejected due to any reasons, all your hard work goes waste. their is no option for client to send the article for rewriting.

    3- The most and the major problem is, their software gives copied content warning without any reason, even if the content is 100 percent original.and at third warning they will block you. This is happening with almost every writer there. They show fake warnings their support and collen is not doing anything to solve this issue. They are enjoying the writers problems. so I strictly advice people to avoid this site.

  5. I have used their service before and my articles were produced on time. I just received a coupon offer from them for some discounted articles which i will take up on.

  6. Thanks for the review of GLA.
    There are so many bad writers and so many poor articles it can cost quite a bit to eventually find one that you are happy with.
    I will try GLA on a short run and make my decisions from there.

  7. I came across GLA looking for writing jobs. I have seen a comment on iwriter and I wish to comment on them too. I did an article for a client and it passed Copyscape. They wanted revisions done and I did this and the article passed Copyscape. Suddenly, a day before they were to pay, my account was blocked because the client said the article had copied content. The payment for all the articles was lost. Before this, they had blocked the accounts of all writers from certain countries and I fell victim.
    WHen this happens, a very rude Charles Livingstone tells you off. I have read reviews elsewhere that they also block buyers accounts and they lose the money they had deposited to buy articles.
    Another thing is that they introduced a system where one pays money to get to the top tier whereone can access high paying articles. If you don’t take this option, you will remain in lower tiers where clients reject your work as they wish and you never advance.
    Clearly, it’s all about the money and not making it together but iwriter squeezing out as much as they can from writers and buyers.

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    create as many unique versions of a piece of text as you want.
    Spintax is quick to learn, and once you do, it will become a breeze to spin
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