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iwriter.comThis service is a brainchild of legendary Brad Callen of various “Elite” tools fame. If quick turnaround time and cheap price is your primary priority,  this is the service you  need.

Create account >> fund your account for  points >> place article order info >> go for a walk or have a cup of tea. Come back and check sizzling hot articles ready for your approval! If you don’t approve, it will be automatically approved after 24 hours. You also have the option of requesting article from a “specific” author. is a place where you get world’s quickest  and cheap human written articles. But unfortunately, it could be the world’s crappiest  human written articles too!

iwriter user interfaceArticles cost:

  • $1.5 for 150 words blurbs
  • $2 for 300 words mini post
  • $3 for 500 words article
  • $5 for 700 words article

You can get slightly better quality articles by paying more to 5 star rated writers. For example you could pay $4 for 300 words mini post and get slightly better reading articles. And I personally recommend this option. If you choose the other option, you get absolutely ridiculous spun garbage that make no sense at all!


For each articles, you also get spin-ready version too. Mostly it’s done automatically with TBS (The best spinner) Have lots of fun with spinning article which is already made of spun words!

Make  money with iWriter:

Yes. You can instantly become a professional article writer at iwriter. No qualification is necessary! Check the marketplace and accept article orders. Finish the article quickly and submit for approval. If your article got approved you make few bucks very fast!

The Verdict:

The website navigation and user interface is nice and friendly. Pre-funding account is handy for me. Articles are only good for mass distribution for junk links. If you want to use it for your own website then you need massive proof editing. I recommend this primarily because it is cheap and offers good TAT.

Here is the sample of an article I have received.

Article sample - clickl on the image to see larger view

Link – (non-affiliate)


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  1. Fully agree with “Articles are only good for mass distribution for junk links. If you want to use it for your own website then you need massive proof editing”.
    The articles I got were pretty much useless, a bunch of scraped sentences that were spun, and most likely produced by non-native english speakers. The articles and even several sentences really did not make any sense at all. The special instructions I provided were just ignored. Sure, you can reject (which I did), but in 1 instance I was unable to review within 48 hours, and ended up with a crappy article, and even had to pay for it. And then iWriter advises in their instruction video to select auto-approve, as it saves you a lot of time. Not true, as you will end up with bad content and having to request it again (= more time and more money).

    What I believe is a major quality flaw in the system is the rating of writers. As a buyer you can select “ONLY the best iWriter writers”, and end up paying a premium for that. However, with the auto-approve mechanism after 48 hours, AND subsequently the auto-rating (5 stars!) of the writer, that rating doesn’t mean anything. As long as there is no way of differentiating between 5-star auto-rating (not real), and 5-star manual rating (real), that group of best writers will be “contaminated” with the non-native english auto-rated scrapers and spinners. The iWriter system clearly favors the writers over the buyers.

  2. Hi,

    The article sounds more like a satire and less like a recommendation to me. I write at simply because I love to churn out a few words on my own. I earn a handsome salary and the money that I get from iWriter is not even ten percent of the salary that I draw from my regular job. I turn to iWriter when I need a break from coding. As an iWriter, I feel that people expect too much for the price that they pay. Regular articles of 500 words fetch only $2.43. But the requester can still expect an elite quality article to be submitted for this request. Special instructions given by a requester at times is just 4-5 words in length and sometimes these instructions don’t make any sense at all.

    What I am trying to say here is that regular articles at iWriter should only be used to get ideas. For an article that needs to be submitted to Ezine or which needs to be published to a website, the requester must spend a few extra bucks and hire Elite or Premium writers.

    By the way, auto approval has been extended to 72 hours and a 5 star rating is no longer awarded to auto approved articles.

  3. Hello bro,
    Thanks for providing such a good reviews.
    If you are willing to pay good amount to deserving writers then why can’t you appoint me.

  4. I have been using iwriter and find it a very cheap and quick way to get content to promote my website. Although I have had some great articles from there I have had some duds. If you don’t pay attention or get too involved with other things, a dud may get past you and in my case have your article directory account suspended. So if you want good articles at a cheap price than iwriter is about the best. You just have to read them and check them out before you accept an article.

  5. Brad Callen may be lauded for this venture. However for writers, there is no protection against unscrupulous requesters as I have experienced on Requester can view the article written, even copy and download it and then reject it on any ground and refuse payment. They use the article and the writer is not paid. Iwriter has no system in place to protect writers against such fraudulent practices on the part of requesters. Writers also do not have an opportunity to correct and resubmit. Requesters do not give detailed instructions and easily find reasons to reject articles. Iwriters is loaded heavily in favour of requesters, especially the unscrupulous one. Writers approach with care. I plan to get out no sooner I make the minimum amount.

    1. Requester can only view the articles in image format. It cannot be be copied. So that’s the small protection for writers. Yes, it’s not 100% fool proof…

      1. Although the requester can only receive images, they can just re-type it on MS word. Where is the protection in that? iwriter is still a fraud. This is why odesk is still number one.

  6. I have used iwriter and you get what you pay for. Mostly trash articles that are spun and broken English. Yes you can reject articles until you are happy but after many article one tends to just give up. And the money used to fund the account is not refundable. Buyer beware!

  7. This is very strange. I have got a 4.7 star rating and I have got my account locked due to a low rating and it is NOT BECAUSE OF COPYSCAPE. There is more than $100 in my account. I do not know whether I am going to get it or not. I am not kidding here! I am an elite writer and till date, I have written 41 elite articles with just one rejection. I have written an email to the customer support asking for explanation. I an yet to receive a reply from thier end.


  8. I have to go on the side of the writers here. I am fed up of people cheating you out of your money from iwriter. Just as an example I had an article rejected with the reason being a certain phrase wasn’t in the last sentence when in actual fact it started the final sentence. I have seen others, for other writers, where they have been rejected due to not having a capital letter in the right place or other mad reasons. One of the worst has to be if they make comments about spelling or grammar when their instructions appear to be written by a 3 year old.

    I have noticed that our chance to leave negative comments about the requesters when they reject articles has vanished which is a shame as it was a way for us to try and safeguard ourselves against those who steal articles. This makes it harder to do research on the requesters and therefore harder to avoid those who are just a con.

    1. I don’t know if vendors are cheating. But recently I have observed new scam by Elite writers. I mean these Elite writers reached elite status by gaming Iwriter’s rating system! I’ll write about that very soon.

      @Famien & Anon,

      Let me know your iwriter username. I’ll send you project specifically to you!

  9. What i find more maddening in iwriter is hat in most instance, you try to submit an article and you are told that “you are logged in with too many accounts”. By the time you are able to log into the system again (like an hour or so), time has already elapsed and your article is taken by another person. Can’t those guys fix this problem?? Currently i can’t lot in, keeps bringing the same crap

  10. Hey admin, i hope you will kindly respond to this message. There is this concern about “you have logged in too many times” that keeps bugging many iwriters here. I have been a victim on several occasion and even right now, i cannot access my account. I have tried rebooting my comp but its not working, even refreshing the page is of no use. Is there a way you can go around this? Anyone with an answer?

    My second concern is on how to contact iwriter. i did try to send them an email and i was given an ID or something. I have not heard from them since!

    1. Maybe they are doing it to prevent gaming their system. If you have created multiple accounts to cheat them you may experience this problem. I’m not sure though. Make sure that you maintain only one profile with good standing.

  11. i tried visiting iwriter today and got a response, 403 forbidden.. i could no longer access my account. how do i contact iwriter?

  12. Hello,
    I am having trouble accessing my iwriter account. It brings the same message “sorry you have logged in too many times” I have only one profile and no multiple accounts. What should I do. I just finished writing and was trying to submit when the message came. What should I do? any suggestions.

  13. I agree with you about the scamming with requesters who have the right to ban for any reason. The special instructions are not clear and they use these articles after making some superficial changes. On two or more occasions I have complained, but they just said they took the requestor’s word. I also wrote an article on the net. What I do is when an article is rejected by iwriter I immediately post it on my blog. It is unbelievable these reasons for rejecting and I have twice written to the requesters. I think I will write an in depth article about this.

  14. I agree with everyone on here, I have had some bad experiences with iWriter. It is mostly broken English delivered by the writers.

    I have tried a few other services since iWriter, and I found one that I really like. Has anyone else used them before?

    I was really surprised at how good the writers were.

  15. I have been writing for this site for the past one year and have been enjoying it. It hasn’t been easy to become a premium writer – unnecessary and nasty rejections galore. But the experience has been exhilarating, until recently. I am unable to access my account most of the days, cannot attend to special requests (messages sent to my email address by iwriter) etc. I frequently get this message “403 Forbidden”. This happened with other sites too but they resolved the issue and am able to get through to them, iwiriter admin says it cannot do anything to help. So I get onto the net and if I am lucky I get the right IP address and quickly catch an assignment. But that is very rare nowadays – the forbidden flag flies more often than not.

    Re: the sample I must say I found it to be less of a quality. However, I may be wrong. I work hard on my assignments and writing; I also do a lot of research on the topic I write on. I do not compromise on the quality and keep it on the same standards as I do with my published ezine articles. So please do not be harsh on all writers on this site – some write well. Period.

    Can you help with the “403 Forbidden Error”?
    Thank you

  16. Iwriter is a joke. They lock your account down and still your money for no apparent reason. Writers be cautioned to stay away from this site. If my problem is fixed I will get back and let you guys know but at this point Iwriter might as well be a scam in my book.

  17. Copyscape at iWriter is a joke. My area of expertise is legal and financial services, in which there are phrases that are terms of art with very specific and formal meanings. If these phrases are changed or reworded to suit a bot they actually become incorrect. However, of course these phrases are flagged by Copyscape every time because they are phrases in use in legitimate content all over the internet. Use of certain common phrases such as “loan origination fees” (flagged on multiple occasions), “a ______________ is” (any time ______________ is two words or more in length) or technical legal terms of art does not make a piece plagiarism, it makes it correct. iWriter is the only site where I’ve had any issues with this, it makes me suspect they’re not accustomed to dealing with professionals and would rather their writers submit incorrect content and tortured English trying to beat the system than apply the correct filters to their programming. I’ll stick with the sites that know their business and actually pay, thank you.

  18. though iwriter provides an opportunity for writers to earn and expand on their writing, the system sometimes keep on failing. for example you log in only for you to be told that you are logging with too many accounts. This week the team changed into a new server but this is not working in my computer well. trying to log in and the response is that the server at iwriter cannot be found which means you cannot write nor access any article. so it is upon the site administrators to fix their server to be accessed from any computer

  19. I really like the job.This is because it fastens one’s understanding an dalso sarpens skills daily.How I wish that I acquire such a job if there is a vacancy

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