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Ever since, I started searching for quality article providers after Penguin update, Google began to show this company’s ad on everywhere I visited. This is a result of Google’s behavioral target, although I had it  disabled quite a long ago!’s price is more than inviting. They are super cheap. They have very nice visually impact website. Below is their service charge.

  • 200 words: $2
  • 300 words:$2.5
  • 500 words:$3.5
  • $5 for 800 words and $7 for 1000 words!

Exciting, right?

They boldly promise of professional writers, original well researched articles, natural keyword density, Google friendly LSI and unlimited revisions etc.

You need to create a free account before placing an order. From the dashboard, you can easily place and manage your orders. Personally I like this feature because I do not have to deal with sending private message on forums or through email.

Just to test and review their service I placed an order for 400 words simple article which needed few minutes of research. It took them 5 days to deliver. For the price, I did not expect anything brilliant, but hoping that the article would make sense, and I could use it with minimal edit. Below is the portion of the article.

Article Writing Etc Sample - Click on the image for larger view

The verdict:

  • The article is unique and readable but almost irrelevant to the topic I gave.
  • The author did not understand the topic and  struggled for words.
  • The article was neither written by a native speaker nor a professional writer
  • The writer does not even know how to use nouns and pronouns which is sad.
  • I do not know why it takes 6 days to deliver a low quality article
  • It looks like the service provider got it written by outsourcing to

Yes, it is still okay for submitting to cheap article directories or if your goal is to obtain a backlink by submitting unique and readable article.

Before closing

It is not wise to judge a service provider from a single article, but I’m afraid of trying them again. If you want to try, here is the link to the site – use at your own risk! In my opinion, most of the AWE’s clients are small marketers who do self SEO or cheap SEO/link building service providers who need consistent flow of fresh content. Hence TAT must be improved.


AWE’s owner Andrew contacted me on Skype and we had a long chat. He offered free unlimited revision. I did not accept revision as I felt it is unfair to ask revision for $3 article. Andrew is a nice guy with good business ethics; was willing accept and learn from mistakes and politely asked me to give him another chance. So, I have decided to try this service once again.

…will update this review again Fast and Cheap

iwriter.comThis service is a brainchild of legendary Brad Callen of various “Elite” tools fame. If quick turnaround time and cheap price is your primary priority,  this is the service you  need.

Create account >> fund your account for  points >> place article order info >> go for a walk or have a cup of tea. Come back and check sizzling hot articles ready for your approval! If you don’t approve, it will be automatically approved after 24 hours. You also have the option of requesting article from a “specific” author. is a place where you get world’s quickest  and cheap human written articles. But unfortunately, it could be the world’s crappiest  human written articles too!

iwriter user interfaceArticles cost:

  • $1.5 for 150 words blurbs
  • $2 for 300 words mini post
  • $3 for 500 words article
  • $5 for 700 words article

You can get slightly better quality articles by paying more to 5 star rated writers. For example you could pay $4 for 300 words mini post and get slightly better reading articles. And I personally recommend this option. If you choose the other option, you get absolutely ridiculous spun garbage that make no sense at all!


For each articles, you also get spin-ready version too. Mostly it’s done automatically with TBS (The best spinner) Have lots of fun with spinning article which is already made of spun words!

Make  money with iWriter:

Yes. You can instantly become a professional article writer at iwriter. No qualification is necessary! Check the marketplace and accept article orders. Finish the article quickly and submit for approval. If your article got approved you make few bucks very fast!

The Verdict:

The website navigation and user interface is nice and friendly. Pre-funding account is handy for me. Articles are only good for mass distribution for junk links. If you want to use it for your own website then you need massive proof editing. I recommend this primarily because it is cheap and offers good TAT.

Here is the sample of an article I have received.

Article sample - clickl on the image to see larger view

Link – (non-affiliate)

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