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I’m officially Bitten by Penguin!

Hello Guys,

Sorry for the lack of update in the resent past.

Killer Penguin - pic stolen from!

Google’s latest update, Penguin destroyed most of my niche sites, which resulted 60% drop in my income. So I’m terribly busy with fixing sites, trying out new SEO strategy, building my own network etc. I’m lot more energetic, enthusiastic and just crazy these days! I love challenges in my life. I’m sure that I’ll conquer and destroy Pingu using my hardcore white hat and soft core black hat methods!

4 of my (authority) brand type niche sites have survived from the update. Just like everyone else, I also built exact anchor text back links to most of my EMD and keyword rich sites. Surprisingly this site survived although it is an exact match domain name. I have not built crazy links to this site but blasted few articles through ALN. For the time being, I have entirely stopped all 3rd class articles syndication.

I can write a large manual on recovering from Penguin update, and sell in on Warrior Forum. But plenty of marketers, SEOrs and link builders who sold their service earlier are now selling ebook on “how to recover from Penguin” Yes, yes… I bought plenty of them. As of now nobody can provide verifiable proof; everyone is guessing and shouting. Penguin update has created an opportunity for “fiction writers” that’s all.

The real secret of Penguin Recovery:

Kill your Penguin bitten site and start a new one.

  1. Block Google bot from accessing your site using robots.txt file and remove your site from G index. It can be easily done using Google’s WMT
  2. Get a new domain and add high quality content. At all cost avoid shitty sounding domain name like this website!
  3. Write useful content for readers.
  4. Announce your new site with premium quality Press Release
  5. Encourage user interaction. Comments, social share you know what I mean.
  6. Create 20-30 Web2.0 properties with unique and original content. If you are on a budget, you can turn 1 high quality article into 8-10 with little brainstorming. No spinning!
  7. Link to your web2 properties through article syndication. You’ll need around 15 average quality articles to linking to web2 pages.
  8. Create 15-20 company/brand/product/website profile on relevant social sites.
  9. Check your site claiming the SERp – you’ll begin to feel the G spot orgasm once again!

Why it works?

To understand that, you should first interpret why you got slapped.

  • You have been slapped primarily for {getting|gaining|building} crap links from trashy unrelated sites/pages.
  • Mostly you got links from sites without any authority. On top of that, you have built exact anchor text links to your keyword rich/exact match domain.
  • Nobody shared/bookmarked your content on social sites
  • Nobody sent/forwarded your content to their friends on Gmail, GPlus, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble etc!
  • You haven’t gotten any visitors outside of search engines. Why?
  • Your sites loads slowly due to poor configuration, excessive advertisement; so the bounce rate is too high.

According to Google we are all web spammers. (Someone who creates website for the sole purpose of making money either by advertising or promoting affiliate programs)

…back to why it works?

You can’t get links from the authority or relevant sites  which Google already trusts- because your site  is SPAM (as defined by Google). So what is the solution?

Create pages on sites  Google is having secret affairs with, and get it ranked on the top 10 pages for one of your relevant keyword (not necessarily primary keyword) Ultimately you’ll get links from contextually relevant sites.

This works folks – well, at least for me. It cost more time and money to implement this strategy, but let me assure you “it’s highly realistic”

With the {latest|hottest|greatest} update ever, Google went 1 step backward; so you need look forward

What worked in 2009-10 is working now – just a little twist!

Coming back to article writers

Yes, quality articles are now more important than ever. I have been spending huge bucks for creating content for me. I  found few great service providers, but had to deal with plenty of crap writers and professional article scammers!

Lots of reviews on my table – will show up on your screen quickly and regularly.


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