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Unique Vs Original Articles

original articlesThis topic is very hot among SEO and IM related forums. So just thought of writing a quick note.

So, is there any difference between unique and original articles?

Yes, there are.

I have learned this hard lesson after testing various cheap “unique article writers” on popular forums.

How unique articles are created?

  • Translate an English article to German then French and then back to English with free or paid online tools. You have an unique article now!
  • Scrape few articles from article directories. Then replace words and phrases with synonymous.
  • Scrape an article and run it through software like “The Best Spinner”. You get almost unique article.
  • Human spinning of each sentences, words and phrases. There are some websites offering this service.

How original articles are created?

It’s anybody’s guess. Research the topic thoroughly and then write in your own words. Most of the “original articles” are written by passionate subject experts or well researchers. “Unique articles” are produced by labors!

Which one do I need?

For SEO purpose human spun content with the help of tools like TBS is fine. However, if you want people to read your stuffs then you need original article. You wouldn’t be reading this far if it is not a original article!

But there is a problem with original articles. Although, there is no penalty for duplicate content, it’s hard to rank well on search engines with dupe content (content which is already published elsewhere). Dupe contents are ranked based on site’s age, authority and social proof. ┬áBut “Unique content” can rank well with minimum SEO effort. This is ideal for “click flippers” like Adsense publishers.

For serious business you need Unique & Original articles.


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